Luan E. Georgina, ON

Speaking of Dogs is one of the longest-serving and most reputable Rescues in Ontario. Not only do they help dogs in need, but Lorraine and her members have worked hard over the years to put on informative and affordable workshops on dog training and behaviour, open to pet owners, rescues, and trainers looking to enhance their skills. SoD has brought in presenters like Grisha Stewart from Seattle, Dr Sophia Yin from California, Dr Pamela Reid from the ASPCA, Nicole Wilde from California, to name a few.  For those of us who love dogs and training, and are committed to working on behavioural challenges and seeking science-based force-free solutions that work long-term, Speaking of Dogs has been a wonderful resource. I am so grateful to have been able to attend some of their workshops over the years.

Speaking of Dogs also has a “Forever In Foster” Program for senior and palliative care dogs that allows them to live out their lives in comfort in loving homes, while SoD covers the Veterinary care. I have taken in several dogs from their program, and the support I received was top-notch. When Winton, and then Chance, left this existence, I was touched and comforted by the care and support I received from them.

Speaking of Dogs Rescue is the gold standard when it comes to Rescue Groups. They not only provide great care to the dogs they take in, they have an excellent screening process for adopters and foster homes, and give them the support they need. They are also generous in the support they give to other Rescue Groups.  Thank you for all that you do.

Adeline G. London ON

Speaking of Dogs does some amazing work to rescue, care for and home dogs in need. Fourteen months ago we adopted a dog, Maxx, from them and they were so pleasant to work with through the adoption process. Their fosters were also great. They have followed up many times to see how Maxx is adjusting and just really care about animals and their well being. I would highly recommend adopting or supporting them!

Wanda P. Whitby ON

Speaking of Dogs Rescue is a shining GEM in a sea of dull rocks.  I have been fostering for them for many years and can say with certainty that this rescue LOVES DOGS of all shapes, age and sizes. Regardless of the dogs incoming health, SODR will commit to doing everything they can to help the furbabies.  Their Forever in Foster program allows the seniors with ongoing medical or palliative care to live out the rest of their days in loving, caring homes. I have volunteered for other animal rescues and can honestly say that Speaking of Dogs is hands down the best animal rescue out there. Whether volunteering, fostering,  donating,  or adopting SODR is a top notch organization

Sara H. Newmarket, ON

Speaking of Dogs Rescue is an amazing organization. I have had the privilege and pleasure to adopt my dogs from them and they made it a wonderful experience all around. I find them to be thorough, friendly, and very dedicated to the dogs they rescue and finding them the right homes. They make sure the dogs are vetted, well cared for in loving foster homes and that the adoptee and dog are a suitable match. I highly recommend adopting from them as well as supporting them in their efforts.

Samantha D.  Toronto, ON

I have volunteered with Speaking of Dogs for five years and they are not the only rescue I volunteer with. I know from firsthand experience they are doing this for the right reasons as the welfare of the dogs and the well-being of their volunteers is always the first priority. They are not about accolades or media they are about helping some of the most unadoptable dog such as seniors and abandoned/neglected dogs find a loving home. In rescue you’re always going to piss some people off if they don’t get what they want but at Speaking of Dogs if that’s the difference between a bad review and helping a dog who is in need or denying an application, then they’ll put the dog first.  They’re in this for all the right reasons.

Doreen N. Scarborough, ON

Eight years ago I was looking to volunteer somewhere and my veterinarian  recommended Speaking of Dogs Rescue. I have the utmost trust, respect and enjoy my time as a Forever In Foster Parent. We provide a home for the senior dogs who have ongoing medical problems and medication needs. They are with us for the remainder of their lives. It is very rewarding to see them enjoy getting loved, happiness and returning these back to us.  The founder of Speaking of Dogs Rescue is Lorraine Houston. This lady has put her heart and soul into rescuing dogs. Dogs are her number one  priority, in all aspects of rescuing dogs.  She includes me in ever aspect of the dog’s care. I have heard from many veterinarians, animal shelters and other rescues, that this rescue group is one of the best.  I have found it very rewarding to be a volunteer with this organization. 

Janice G, Georgetown ON

After our faithful friend passed away after 14 years with us, we knew we wanted to share our home with another older dog but were not able to afford the vet bills that accompany such an undertaking.  When I found Speaking of Dogs on line and learned that their foster homes are reimbursed for any and all costs associated with fostering, it was like a dream come true.  The fact that they specialize in rescuing older dogs was absolutely perfect.  The screening process when you apply to be a foster parent was surprising and very thorough.  We had adopted a child almost 50 years ago and the process, although not as lengthy with SOD, was very similar.  I certainly felt that if I fostered a dog that was eventually adopted, I could rest assured that the adoptive home was absolutely suited to our beloved charge’s needs. A couple of months after our application was accepted, we became the incredibly fortunate foster parents of Skamp.  I could never properly describe the pleasure he brought into our home.  His first vet visit indicated that Skamp had many health problems which made him unadoptable so Lorraine asked us to be his forever foster parents.  We felt so honoured and blessed but unfortunately we only had him with us for about 9 more months.  Lorraine and SOD were with us all along with such kind and caring support.  I could not recommend this organization enough.  They are great people and the dogs that end up in their care are fortunate indeed … as are the people who are lucky enough to be able to share their home with them.  Thank you for the opportunity to sing their praises!

Megan R, Aurora, ON

I have fostered with Lorraine and the team from SOD (Speaking of Dogs) for about 5 years now, after working with 3 or 4 other rescue orgs.  The reason we have continued with SOD is how organized and professional they are, while giving so much of their time and love to the mission of saving these great dogs.  Fostering is a great way to help dogs without a commitment to forever with the dog, and Lorraine is tireless in her efforts.  The team ensures that foster homes, and the forever homes, are well vetted to ensure the best possible homing.  We have fostered many times… it’s been very rewarding to meet the people who adopt and know that they are well matched to the dog.  Love fostering and love SOD, and can give 5 stars to this org, with no hesitation.

Becky L. Brampton ON

I did volunteer work at another rescue organization that was far from my home.  I did a significant search to find a rescue closer to home (being in the GTA there are many to choose from) and chose Speaking of Dogs because I appreciated how thorough they are about screening volunteers and potential adopters. They regularly provide a very professional newsletter for free to help educate dog owners.  They go above and beyond to provide vet care for dogs that other people will not ‘invest’ in and provide care ‘forever’ for ones that are too old or ill to be adopted; all of this is done by volunteers and fundraising.  I cannot say enough good things about this rescue!

Leanne T. Newmarket ON

Speaking of Dogs Rescue is hands down my favourite dog rescue.  Saving dogs from local shelters and taking in owner surrenders for almost 20 years now.  This rescue is ethical, responsible, and thorough when they take in dogs and place them in loving new, permanent homes.  It is also the most organized rescue I have ever dealt with having a large following of adopters and volunteers who spread the word about available dogs, write newsletters, help organize fund raisers, and so much more.  When people ask me for recommendations of where to adopt a dog from or where to volunteer with dogs, Speaking of Dogs is always my top recommendation.