Dog Adoption Application Form

Thank you for your interest in adopting a dog! Our adoption applicants are screened for suitability and compatibility as well as criteria related to care and commitment. We take the time to carefully read each and every application.  If we find your application aligns well with the dog you have applied for we will contact you within a couple of days to further the adoption process.  Unfortunately we are unable to contact all applicants.  Only applications that align with the dog’s lifestyle, physical and medical needs will be contacted.  We reserve the right to deny an adoption applicant.

Our adoption fee is currently $500.

Please note that we only adopt to residents of Ontario.

If you have trouble with the reCAPTCHA at the bottom of the form when submitting, these are the common causes:

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  • VPN or Proxy service is not playing well with reCaptcha – Try turning off VPN and Proxy.
  • Network issue – rebooting modem/router should help to resolve it. Please also clear the browser data and cache when rebooting modem/router.
  • Clear cache and cookies and try using an incognito browser tab.

If you are still unable to submit the form below, you can download the application HERE and email it to us.