My name is Cherry Blossom. I am a Beagle Mix/€“Labrador Retriever. Since I’€™m an old fashion gal, let€’s just say that my weight is between 35-40 pounds and my age, well, is between 6-7 years old. I enjoy a variety of activities, but topping the list would definitely be watching TV! If you€’re hooked too, I’€™ll be right there beside you, loving every minute! (AFV is the best!) I enjoy car rides and going for short walks.

I’€™m perfectly ok with being left alone during the day while you’€™re at work. I don’€™t even need to be put in a crate because I’€™m a very good girl. I just laze around, sleeping most of the time, waiting until you get home. I’€™ll be very happy to see you!

I’€™m fully house trained and know how to Sit, Give a Paw, Lie Down and Stay. Rewarding me with treats keeps me happy and motivated! I love to be around people, but at my age, small children kind of make me nervous so as long as they’€™re not all over me, I’€™m ok. Since I tend to get kind of vocal when other dogs are around, I need to be your ‘€œone and only’ love, although sharing you with a feline is acceptable.

Hope to meet you soon! Come visit my profile on the Petfinder website!