When you think about your legacy, don’t forget about dogs in need of a home. For 20 years, Speaking of Dogs Rescue has been there for vulnerable, unwanted dogs who deserve a second chance at a forever home. We commit to each and every dog who comes into our rescue and we always will.

Leaving a bequest in your will to Speaking of Dogs Rescue will help us provide for dogs in need, well into the future. By making a bequest or naming Speaking of Dogs Rescue as the beneficiary of your RRIF, RRSP or life insurance policy, you can help ensure our Forever-In-Foster program continues to provide support for palliative and special needs dogs for the remainder of their days.

You can make a legacy donation by specifying Speaking of Dogs Rescue as a beneficiary in your will, leaving a residual amount after providing for your family and friends or designating a percentage of your Estate to the charity. As we are registered Canadian charity, a bequest to Speaking of Dogs Rescue will also help reduce the amount of income tax payable by your estate in the year of your death.

We recommend contacting your lawyer or financial advisor about your bequest to find out how to support Speaking of Dogs Rescue and your other chosen charities. If you would like to talk to someone about your options for making a legacy donation, please call us at 705-444-7637 or email info@speakingofdogs.com.

Making Long-term Plans for Your Adopted Dog’s Care

  • Have you thought about your best friend in the event you can no longer provide for their care?
  • Do you have a back-up caregiver if something should happen to you?
  • Have you made provisions for your dog’s care in your will?

None of us wants to think about “what if” but making sure your best friend will be well-cared for is done best when planned while you are healthy and able.
If you need help to figure things out, identify a caregiver or make an emergency plan for your dog, we are always available to help our adopters and adoptees.

Feel free to call us at 705-444-7637 or email speakingofdogs@gmail.com

Our official name with the CRA: Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program

Our Charitable Registration Number: 841098791RR0001