Forever in Foster – Forever in Our Hearts

Many of you don’t see what goes on behind the scenes at Speaking of Dogs Rescue, particularly with regards to the senior dogs in our care. As some of you know, our rescue focuses on compassionate care for senior dogs. When these beloved dogs come into our rescue, they often have needs that are beyond the scope of adoption. Still others are up for adoption for months without finding a forever home, and they eventually become attached to their foster parents. At that point we often feel that it is not in the best interest of the dog to be uprooted and put into a new home, given their age. And so, we keep some of our senior dogs in our Forever in Foster program, which has been running for over ten years and has seen many dogs live out their last chapter in a loving, caring foster home, cherished until they cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. Speaking of Dogs Rescue cares for these dogs financially for the rest of their lives, covering their vetting, food, and grooming costs.

We have had some exceptional challenges in terms of health-care costs, but we cannot let these dogs down. If you would like to make a donation to our Forever in Foster program and help us continue to give our senior dogs the care they deserve, please visit Canada Helps.    You will immediately receive a tax receipt, and all funds will go toward Speaking of Dogs Rescue.  Consider a monthly donation to enable us to continuously assist dogs in need.

We salute our Forever Foster parents and the dogs who are being embraced by the commitment and love of these special volunteers. As well, our fundraising volunteers are an incredible group of doggone dedicated folks, and without their help we would not be able to assist the many dogs who have blessed our lives and touched our hearts.

Meet Our Forever Fosters


Sweet poodle Fawn, who is close to 15 years old, sadly lost her family when the only mom she ever knew passed away in July.  When Fawn initially came into our rescue she was skittish and confused but given time and understanding she settled in.  We had her to our veterinarian for a head-to-tail health check-up and found that she had some liver issues that will need ongoing monitoring.  Because of her age, apprehensive nature and uncertain health needs we felt it was best to have her in the Forever in Foster program so she could stay with her current foster family.  Fawn enjoys cozy times on the couch, exploring her large fenced-in backyard and treat time!  She seems to have transitioned nicely now and is relaxed and at ease with her new life and family. If you would like to help support Fawn with her vetting and grooming costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Alaska came to our rescue in early summer of 2019 when her elderly owner could no longer care for her.  Alaska is a lovely-natured 12 year-old Bichon who enjoys the companionship of people and going for walks.  When she came into our rescue, we had her foster mom take her to the vet for an exam, bloodwork urine and nail trim.  The vet called a few days later to say that, unfortunately, Alaska’s was in early kidney failure and she would need some follow-up tests and diet changes.  We called the foster mom to let her know about the diagnosis and explained more about Alaska’s condition and what caring for her would entailed.  After discussing her newly diagnosed ailment in more detail with the veterinarian, we decided she would be better served if placed in our Forever in Foster program.  Alaska had already become quite attached to her foster mom and the feeling was mutual on the part of her foster mom.  Now, several months later,  the two ladies are inseparable and living life to the fullest! If you would like to help support Alaska with her vetting and special food costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


This handsome boy is Maxwell who is approximately 10 years old and was left at a local Toronto shelter. He was diagnosed with hip displacement and arthritis.  Due to his ongoing treatment for pain management we wanted to ensure he would never be without medical attention or be in discomfort so he is now a part of our Forever in Foster program.  Big boy Max lives with a loving retired couple who have embraced him whole-heartedly into their lives. He enjoys his daily strolls, road trips and stretching out for an afternoon nap in front of the sunny window.  If you would like to help support Maxwell with his vetting and special food costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou came into our rescue when her elderly owner died. When we first put her into foster care, she was drinking a great deal of water (which is often seen when dogs are anxious and/or stressed in a new environment) however the excessive drinking continued. We took Lucy to the vet where they took blood and urine samples and soon afterwards we learned that Lucy was diabetic. We started her on insulin and diabetic food and figured her water intake would subside but it continued. We took her back to the vet and with the help of her foster parents, a small hard mass was found and biopsied. Unfortunately, it has come back malignant and inoperable. We will keep Lucy happy, well fed, loved and comfortable and make every day a LUCY day in her Forever in Foster palliative care home. If you would like to help support Lucy Lou with her vetting and grooming costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).



Molly is an approximately 13 year-old shih tzu who came to us from an eastern Ontario shelter. When she arrived at the shelter she was flea-infested and almost bald as a result; had a heavily matted tail that all came off in one chunk with the clippers and nails that were so overgrown they curled around. She also had a two masses, a heart murmur and an eye infection. The shelter did an exceptional job addressing Molly’s health issues but due to her advanced age and ongoing medical concerns they felt reaching out to Speaking of Dogs Rescue was the best route to go for their special little lady – and we were happy to welcome her with open arms! Molly is a lovely girl who is beyond happy to find a bed and stick by your feet all day long. Wee mite Molly is a social butterfly, housetrained and very food motivated. She is now in her Forever in Foster home and has already seen our vet who is confident her skin issues are improving and her other ongoing health concerns are manageable with a committed foster parent which she has in SPADES! Molly has already made herself right at home in the departments of: playing, snuggling/cuddling, snoozing, dinner and treat-time announcing and other important affairs of the household! Her foster mom wonders how she ever managed to be get anything done without the supervision of the mighty Molly McGee! If you would like to help support Molly with her vetting and special food costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Lacy is a 14 year old Shih tzu/poodle mix whose senior owner struggled with immobility and declining vision.  She could no longer properly care for Lacy and getting her out even to the backyard to go to the bathroom was a challenge.  Thankfully, a kind neighbour stepped in to assist and soon help was on the way.   A caring dog sitter took Lacy until a solution could be found however no one in her family was in a position to take Lacy and it was suggested that she be rehomed.  The senior lady had had Lacy all her life and was devastated at the thought but knew she was not providing adequate care, grooming or vetting.  But who would take in a 14 year old dog with health issues? A family friend called Speaking of Dogs Rescue to take Lacy into our Forever in Foster program and we were fortunate to have a ready and willing foster mom available. Lacy has been to the vet and now has her twice daily eye drops and special food for healthy bladder care.  Her foster mom adores her and because Lacy is so friendly and social she gets to go everywhere with her including luncheons and meetings.  If you would like to help support Lacy with her vetting, grooming and special food costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Gigi came to us from a GTA vet clinic when her owner could no longer afford to care for Gigi.  She had a number of medical challenges that were not only costly but needed further diagnosis and physical care and maintenance that her owner could not provide.  The vet clinic staff had known Gigi all her life and loved her very much.  They hospital manager called us and asked if we would take Gigi into our rescue and we responded with an overwhelming “YES, of course we will” She is now in Forever in Foster care as her health issues are ongoing. Her foster mom writes this update about our little lady GIGI girl:

“Gigi  is our Forever in Foster dog and joined our family a short while ago. She enjoys her meals and taking beauty naps afterwards. She charms her canine brother Charlie, who waits for her before asking to come inside from the yard, and she’s even had a few bouts of play with him. It’s not unusual to find her belly up and feet in the air on the sofa…snoring – so it’s safe to say that she’s relaxed. Gigi has melted our hearts. The best-ever moments are seeing her SO excited when we return from being out, the rare but special Gigi kisses and her nuzzling into my neck as I carried her up the stairs. We already can’t imagine life without her”

If you would like to help support Gigi with her vetting and grooming costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Little Jacob came to us from a Quebec shelter. The sweet senior shih tzu arrived at his foster mom’s house a matted mess. He was also coughing and having trouble breathing.  We got him to a veterinarian right away and he was diagnosed with a lung infection. The vet also discovered his trachea had been damaged from some type of trauma (she speculated a collar correction or one that was too tight)  After speaking to the veterinarian we decided to have Jacob placed in the Forever in Foster program due to his ongoing medical challenges and the cost of the cough-suppressing medication which he will require for life.

Jacob is now ‘best mates’ with his canine foster sister, Joy, and with the foster mom’s little dog.  He loves mealtimes and going for walks but his favourite pastime is sleeping on the couch right up close to his foster mom, making sure that she’s there and that everything is going to be all right after all.

If you would like to help support Jacob with his vetting and grooming costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Esther came to us in the spring of 2020 when her elderly owner could no longer care for her.  She is a 12-year-old spayed female Cocker Spaniel with a sweet and gentle nature. Esther has chronic ear issues and some other health challenges so we made the decision to put her in our Forever in Foster program. She readily bonded with her foster mom who says she’s a joy to live with adding “when she arrived, her ears were quite infected and painful; once the ear drops started to work Esther started to feel better and became more active.  She proved that stairs were not an issue and happily goes up and down like a pro athlete”. If you would like to help support Esther with her vetting and grooming costs, please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Sasha came to us as an owner surrender due to moving to a condo where no big dogs are allowed.  Sasha is an 11-year-old husky who was living outside in a backyard pen all her life.  She loves people, other dogs and kids and has a sweet, gentle disposition.  On her intake veterinary exam our vet noted abnormalities in her bloodwork and recommended an ultrasound on her liver.  Sadly, the ultrasound showed masses on her liver that, upon further testing, came in as malignant tumours. At this time, she is not symptomatic at all and is loving life with her foster parents and their two dogs. She enjoys her walks, treats and especially loves her BIG bed otherwise known as the couch!  She will have all the creature comforts the good life has to offer until she is called to the Bridge.  If you would like to help support Sasha with her vetting costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Buddie came to us from an SPCA shelter where he was given up when his owner passed away.  He was scared and had an ear infection that had gone untreated.  Cocker spaniels often have chronic ear issues that require dedication with cleaning, medications and sometimes frequent vet visits to have a culture done.  Buddie was struggling at the shelter; he was overwhelmed, and his ears hurt.  He would snap at the staff who were trying to help him by putting soothing drops in his ears.  We took Buddie into our foster program and given time to unwind, he did well. He trusts his foster parents and, also enjoys the companionship of their two other spaniels. At almost 12 years old we felt it would be best for him to stay in the Forever in Foster program due to his ears and fears.  If you would like to help support Buddie with his ear meds, grooming and vetting costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Dash came to us from a local Toronto shelter where he was found running along highway 427.  A Good Samaritan saw him and tried to help him by pulling over to the side of the road.  Here is Dash’s story as told by CTV News: When he first came into our foster program, he was frightened and stressed but given time to decompress he warmed up.  At his veterinary exam they noted a worrisome sounding heart murmur and we approved ex-rays and then a cardiac ultrasound to have a better look at this heart.  Sadly, little Dash has a significant heart murmur and needs meds and regular check-ins with our vet. His foster mom is dedicated to giving him a loving and caring home for as long as his little heart will keep beating.  If you would like to help support Dash with his heart medications and vet visits please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Maddy is a 6-year-old spayed female Cane Corso mix with a gentle nature. Her early years were quite difficult, both emotionally and physically.  Maddy required surgery and extensive medical attention with slow rehabilitation; she is also in need of ongoing support in the trust department. She came into our rescue in November 2020 and requires frequent veterinary visits due to an autoimmune condition. We decided to put Maddy in the Forever in Foster program due to her continuing healthcare needs.  She is currently in a foster home with her best dog buddy Zelda who shows her that life can be filled with fun and kindness. If you would like to help support Maddy with her vetting please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).


Cookie came into our rescue in June 2021 as an owner surrender due to health and behaviour issues.  Cookie is approx. 14 years old and needs special veterinary food, ongoing eye and stress medications and frequent vet visits for urinary and eye check ups.  He is a sweet boy who struggles with anxiety, medical and housetraining challenges.  We chose to put him into Forever in Foster because we didn’t want to uproot him when he is decompressing and settling in with his current foster mom and doing quite well with her. If you would like to help support Cookie with his vetting, medications and grooming costs please go to (a tax receipt will be provided for you).