Foster Home Contract


A Foster Home is defined as a temporary home for the dog to live in while s/he awaits a permanent adoption through Speaking of Dogs Rescue. The purpose of this contract is to ensure that this dog gets the highest possible level of care and treatment throughout its stay in our program.

Foster Home understands and agrees to abide by the following terms:

  • Foster Home agrees to temporarily house and care for dog(s) belonging to Speaking of Dogs Rescue.
  • Foster Home understands and agrees that Speaking of Dogs Rescue is the sole and rightful owner of the foster dog(s).
  • Foster Home fully agrees and understands that all decisions regarding this dog will be made by Speaking of Dogs Rescue.
  • Foster Home agrees to treat the dog in a humane and loving way at all times.
  • The Foster Home agrees to maintain care and control of the foster dog at all times and will not permit the dog to be taken off property, walked or cared for by anyone other than the approved foster family.
  • The Foster Home understands that Speaking of Dogs Rescue is not responsible for any damage caused by this dog while in foster care.
  • The Foster Home agrees to provide this dog, and all other animals he/she owns with proper veterinary care as is recommended Speaking of Dogs Rescue will pay for any medication/veterinary procedures this dog needs, providing the medication or vet service was approved prior to treatment, and one of our preferred vet clinics were used.
  • Foster Home understands that it if it decides it wants to adopt this dog permanently, that it must notify Speaking of Dogs Rescue before a potential adopter makes plans to meet this dog. We will not cancel an adoption in progress.
  • Foster Home understands to take all precautions to prevent this dog from getting loose outside, or running out of a door that was left open.
  • The Foster Home agrees that the care of this dog is not transferable. The Foster Home agrees that if for any reason he/she is unable to continue to house and care for the dog, it will notify and turn this dog back over to Speaking of Dogs Rescue
  • Foster Home agrees to make certain the foster dog wears the microchip ID tag and/or other ID provide by the rescue on its collar at all times.
  • Foster Home agrees to keep the dog clean and well-groomed at all times. Grooming is paid for by the rescue which needs to be pre-approved. We ask for one week’s notice when a foster dog needs a grooming appointment.
  • Foster Home agrees to feed a wholesome, premium dog food, and have fresh water available at all times. Food is provided to foster parents by the rescue.
  • The Foster Home agrees that this dog will reside in the home of the Foster Home, not outside. This dog may NOT be left outdoors if you are not at home.
  • Foster Home agrees that this dog will never be allowed off a leash when it is outdoors, unless it is in a fenced in area or fenced yard. This dog may never be left outdoors if you are not there supervising the dog.
  • Foster Home understands that it is often their job to determine and learn the temperament and personality of the dog they are fostering. Foster Home understands that Speaking of Dogs Rescue has no way of knowing the true temperament of the dogs coming into the program (despite a pre assessment evaluation) as they are coming directly from shelters. Therefore, Foster Home agrees to use due caution when first handling the foster dog. Further, Foster Home is fully aware that any dog may bite if provoked.
  • Foster Home agrees to never allow any child to threaten, squeeze, poke, step on, or otherwise pose a perceived threat to this dog. If Foster Home determines the dog to be a biter, or a bite risk, they are to contact Speaking of Dogs Rescue immediately for further instructions.
  • If Foster Home is going on vacation the rescue asks for a two week notice to make boarding arrangements or to have the dog transferred to another foster parent. Speaking of Dogs Rescue pays for boarding which needs to be pre-approved by the foster coordinator. If the Foster Home has a pre-existing relationship with a dog sitter and would like to propose s/he be utilized such transaction would need to be approved by the foster coordinator and appropriate documents put in place.
  • Foster Home grants permission for a representative of Speaking of Dogs Rescue to visit the home at any time to check on the wellbeing of this dog.
  • Foster Home agrees to return this dog to a member of Speaking of Dogs Rescue within 24 hours of being asked to return the dog. If Foster home is unavailable at the time the dog is needed, Foster Home agrees to make the dog available for pick up within the 24-hour period.
  • Foster Home releases Speaking of Dogs Rescue from any liability from injuries or illness to Foster Home or other parties, including fosters personal pets and other animals, caused by dog bites, scratches, illness or any actions of foster dog.
  • Should Speaking of Dogs Rescue need to seek legal action against the Foster Home for any violations of this Agreement, the Foster Home hereby agrees it will assume any and all attorney costs, court fees, and any other legal fee’s incurred, in the process of enforcing this contract, or reclaiming the dog.

I have read and understand this entire agreement, and do hereby agree to ALL the above terms.