Dog owners who haven’t had a puppy in a while might think that puppyhood is the hardest and most stressful Time. It is, no doubt, a work-intensive and nerve-wracking period. Thankfully, the cute, fuzzy puppy and snuggles help get one through the biting and pee…

People may forget the hard puppy work, but they completely block out the teenage stage that comes next, likely due to the trauma of it all.

Adolescent dogs are a lot. Intense feelings and very small amounts of impulse control, combined with a shaky newfound independence and some very big adult teeth make for many challenging moments for both the pup and their family. It is no surprise that more dogs of this age group (6mos to 3 years) get surrendered to rescue or shelters than any other.

What people need to understand about young dogs is that they, too, are having a hard time being a teen. The intense neurological changes occurring in this stage are second only to those during the first few weeks of their lives. Essentially, an adolescent dog’s brain is offline a good amount of the time, and predicting when it is working and when it’s not is a bit of a dice roll.

Some of the most common behaviours we see at this stage are not responding to known commands, counter surfing, resistance to handling even when previously “fine” with vet and grooming visits, reactivity, and frustration barking. In some dogs, you will see territorial aggression, reduced tolerance to other dogs and even aggression. This does not mean this dog is a bad dog, it means the dog’s parent needs to manage things better, prevent incidents and up the training to get through this phase. Management, training, patience, and time are the keys to surviving dog adolescence, and it is part of the deal when getting a young dog. By two or three years, your dog will be coming into adulthood, and you should have another ten years of great companionship and love to enjoy.

If you need help managing your dog, please contact a qualified positive trainer before you get over your head. Your dog deserves it and so do you.

Maggi Burtt


Owner of Tailspin Petworx

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Meet our November Feature Dog: Pogo

Pogo is a neutered male husky mix who is a sweet, kind, and goofy boy.

He loves people, dogs and cats as long as they are introduced in a respectful manner. He is 4-5 years old and approx. 80 pounds. Pogo’s favorite pastimes include playing fetch, rolling in grass, playing with his ball like a cat, trying enrichment toys, honing his inner husky by playing in the snow, howling to share his excitement outside, and getting attention from his favourite humans. Pogo is a husky mix so there is a lot of shedding but he is great for brushing. Nervous but accepting of bathes and nail trims. Routine brushing with an undercoat rake and comb will help control the hair plus full grooms/blow outs twice a year. Pogo currently has basic obedience like sit, down, come, touch, chin rest, beginner heel positions, beginner stay, speak, uncued check ins and more. Currently learning confidence building skills and impulse control for his fears and insecurities. Going out to explore and even just sitting outside, he loves it. He does great on walks practically anywhere including dog friendly stores, busy streets, and crowds but definitely prefers that people leave him be unless he goes over to say hi. Pogo isn’t fully comfortable with surprise pets or loud/rambunctious people but his foster mom is working on it. 

At home, he enjoys playing but very easily settles until his next adventure! Dietary wise, Pogo is sensitive to a lot of proteins so making sure of any food, treats, chews, enrichment, etc. is closely monitored and strict. He does love lamb, fish and sometimes pork which he can have. Pogo is super sweet and definitely a sensitive boy. He will need someone with patience, understanding, and endless love. He would love a fenced in backyard but is used to apartment living and does fine with enough walks and stimulation.

If you are interested in giving Pogo a place to call home, please fill out an application for our consideration.

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Dear Speaking of Dogs Rescue,

Miley is great. She has two strollers and goes all over the place with me.  (She brings joy wherever she goes.). It’s funny how even the biggest man who walks by gets a smile on his face when he sees her. She is beautiful. Everyone thinks she is a princess.  She has the nicest personality!  She sleeps with me, and while I was worried I might roll on her, we figured it out. She has a puzzle she loves  to do too. She does it before bed and gets so excited around 7 pm because she knows what will be coming! Once a month she gets a shot for her arthritis and she is pain free for the month. She definitely runs my life! I had to relocate my work area from a standing desk to sitting on my couch so she can sit beside me while I work!

I am so grateful that I was able to adopt her.

Thank you so much!

Love Frances and Miley







Lady Jane




Pearl and Gizmo


Adopted July 2022

Loved by Karen and Chris


Adopted March 2019

Loved by David and Maureen

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