Social Media Policy


For the safety and protection of our dogs, Foster Parents, Volunteers and Representatives of Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program (SODR), a strict Social Media Policy has been adopted.  This policy is necessary to protect confidential information regarding the location and background information of dogs in the care of SODR  – some of whom might be part of an animal abuse or neglect case or a family custody dispute -and all information pertaining to such scenarios must be kept in the strictest of confidence for the safety of the dog(s) and Foster Parents.

Social Media: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

  1. Purpose of policy

This policy is intended to help Foster Parents, Volunteers, and Representatives of Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program (SODR) make appropriate decisions regarding the use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Other social media includes but is not exclusive to YouTube, blogs, video, picture blogging and audio.

This policy outlines the standards SODR requires persons covered by this policy to observe when using social media, the circumstances in which SODR will review your use of social media, and the action that will be taken in respect of breaches of this policy.

  1. Who is covered by the policy?

This policy covers all individuals at all levels of participation in/with SODR, including but not limited to Directors, Foster Parents, Volunteers, Representatives, Partners (e.g. veterinarians, boarding facilities, groomers and trainers) and Third-Party Associates

  1. Why use social media?

Social media enables SODR to attract potential adopters, recruit/advertise for missions or events, and to otherwise provide information relating to SODR.

  1. Responsibility for implementation of the policy

The SODR Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy.

All persons covered by this policy are responsible for their own compliance and for ensuring that it is consistently adhered to. All persons participating with SODR should ensure that they take the time to read and understand this policy.  Any breach of this policy should be reported to the Board of Directors, as soon as possible.

Questions regarding the content or application of this policy should be directed to any member of the SODR Board of Directors.

  1. Using rescue-related social media

Only Board-approved and assigned individuals are permitted to post material on a social media website in the rescue’s name and behalf.  Anyone who breaches this restriction may be subject to removal from participating in all SODR activities permanently.

The only approved social media websites for Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program (SODR) are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The Speaking of Dogs website is overseen directly by the Board of Directors. This list may be updated/revised as required by the SODR Board of Directors.

  1. Personal use of social media

This section outlines how SODR policies apply to personal use.

The SODR Volunteer Code of Conduct specifically states:


  • Volunteers who receive confidential information will keep that information confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, client, donor, volunteer, and financial information.
  • Volunteers will not share any information obtained from the rescue on social media without a board member’s approval.


  1. Keep SODR and Personal Uses Separate.

Social media can be used for a variety of purposes – many people use it in both their work and personal lives. While conducting SODR business, authorized representatives/volunteers should only use social media accounts set up specifically by and for SODR purposes.

  1. Know That You Are On the Record.

Communication in social media sites should always be considered public and permanent. Online communities are not private; your posts may be accessed by a wider audience than intended or copied by others and published elsewhere, without your permission or knowledge. If you would not say or write something down in a public setting, then don’t post it online. Take care not to put yourself into a position of conflict of interest when discussing rescue issues online.

  1. Collaborate and Engage with Speaking of Dogs Rescue Social Media Sites

Existing SODR-managed social media sites provide a window for communication with our volunteers, supporters and the public.  For anyone wishing to share our social media posts, we encourage you to do so.  Our award-winning newsletter is posted each month on our Facebook  page for those who wish to share it.

SODR representatives/volunteers, in their private capacity as a citizen, may want to use social media to share information and communicate with friends, family and co-workers. Even though they are using social media for personal purposes, the SODR Social Media Policy applies.

SODR representatives/volunteers who identify themselves as members of SODR or who are identified as SODR members in their personal social media use should consider the following:

  • SODR representatives/volunteers must not post confidential or sensitive information acquired through their affiliation with the rescue.
  • Do make it clear that your position does not officially represent the position of SODR. Use phrases such as “in my personal opinion” or “Personally…” to communicate that you are expressing your own personal views.
  • Even if you don’t explicitly identify yourself as a SODR representative/volunteer, others may identify you as a SODR representative/volunteer by your name, an event you attend, a photograph, or by the content you post.
  • Do not post SODR logos without the consent of the SODR Board of Directors (unless sharing a SODR official post).
  • Do not reveal confidential or privileged information such as the outcome of a “Meet & Greet” or potential adopter’s “Home Visit”.
  • Do not reveal anyone’s personal information gained through SODR affiliation, such as adopter or applicant information or owner surrender.
  • Do not identify or comment about other SODR representatives/volunteers without their consent.
  1. Reviewing use of Social Media

Persons covered by this policy should be aware that any use of social media sites, may be reviewed and, where breaches of this policy are found, action may be taken to remove an individual’s participation in all Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program activities.

Misuse of social media sites can, in certain circumstances, constitute a criminal offence or otherwise give rise to legal liability against you and/or Speaking of Dog Rescue Program.  For this reason, SODR has identified specific social medial sites (See section 5 – Using rescue related social media) which are overseen and administered by the rescue.

If you notice any use of social media in breach of this policy, please report it to a SODR board member via the contact information below.

  1. Questions/Clarifications

 Anyone requiring clarification or having questions pertaining to this policy should contact our rescue line at 705-444-SODR (7637) or email