Transportation Procedures Agreement


The Speaking of Dogs Rescue (SODR) transport coordinator is also a volunteer, just like you.  The coordinator will make you aware, to the best of their ability, of any particular risks involved in transporting the dogs, but SODR assumes that you are aware of the inherent risk involved in handling dogs who are often frightened and sometimes poorly socialized, and that you assume the risk associated with your voluntary participation.  In the event of incident or accident during transport, you agree to hold harmless the transport coordinator, the SODR and any of the other parties involved.

By participating in Speaking of Dogs Rescue transports, you agree to adhere to the following:

  • To keep the details about these rescue situations and all information about any of the parties involved confidential.
  • You are 19 year of age or older, have a valid driver’s licence and are insured.
  • If you are not using a crate for transport, the dog must be tethered inside your vehicle, the windows closed and locked and with functioning heating/cooling.  This is to avoid the possibility of escape and/or injury.  Remember to check the tethered dog before opening the door to make sure the dog has not chewed through the lead on route.
  • The dog must not have access to the driver for safety reasons.  If there are multiple dogs travelling in your vehicle, only one dog may be tethered. All others must be crated.
  • All paperwork must be handed off to the receiving person and stay with the dog until his/her final destination.
  • A martingale or slip lead should be used rather than a regular buckle/snap type collar that the dog could back out of.
  • To report any concerning/noteworthy medical or behaviour observations to the transport coordinator.