Foster A Dog

Sadly, each new day brings a flood of emails and telephone pleas to help yet another abandoned dear dog. We try and help these displaced dogs through our rescue efforts and networking. We are always in search of new foster homes where a dog can be cared for and loved until a permanent home is found. Speaking of Dogs Rescue covers food, medical attention and all the supplies required for the dogs in foster care. Foster parents need be responsible and patient people who will provide a safe environment for our dogs. A foster contract must be signed. This is a serious responsibility; however the experience is very rewarding. If you can open your heart and home to a foster dog please contact us. We have a comprehensive Foster Manual available for people who are considering becoming a foster parent.

Foster Home Application

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Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteers/Foster Parents/Representatives of the Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program (SODR) are expected to conduct themselves with personal integrity, ethics, professionalism, honesty and diligence in performing their duties for the organization. Volunteers are required to support and advance the interests of the organization and avoid placing themselves in situations where their personal interests actually or potentially conflict with the interests of Speaking of Dogs Rescue Program.

Accordingly, all volunteers (including foster parents) must comply with the Code of Conduct described herein. By submitting this fostering application you agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

RESPECTFUL CONDUCT: • Volunteers must, at all times, treat with dignity and respect all clients, adopters, suppliers, and fellow volunteers with whom they interact while representing the Rescue. • Volunteers will act in a way that supports and advances the welfare, image and reputation of the Rescue.

PERSONAL GAINS: • Volunteers must not use their status as a Rescue volunteer to obtain personal gain (financial or otherwise) from those doing or seeking to do business with the Rescue. • This includes not seeking or accepting personal gifts, favours, payments, services, fees, special valuable privileges, pleasure or vacation trips, accommodations or loans of money from any person, unless in the ordinary course of rescue business.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: • Volunteers must avoid perceived and actual conflict of interest. • Volunteers shall, at the first opportunity, disclose any conflict of interest to a board member.

CONFIDENTIALITY: • Volunteers who receive confidential information will keep that information confidential. This includes, but is not limited to, client, donor, volunteer, and financial information. • Volunteers will not share any information obtained from the rescue on social media without a board member’s approval.

PRIVILEGED INFORMATION: • Volunteers will not use information obtained while volunteering for their own purposes, including financial gain, or disclose for the use of others (for example, lists of sponsors or suppliers). • This applies both during and after the period in which the individual is a Rescue volunteer.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: • All intellectual property (brands, logos, websites, identifiers, etc.) currently belonging to the Rescue or developed by a volunteer in the course of their role with the Rescue (for example, guidebooks, training resources, promotional materials) shall remain the property of the Rescue and may not be used for the personal benefit of a volunteer.

These are minimum standards and by no means cover every contingency. However, any material failure to comply with these standards will be sufficient grounds for termination of the individual from their volunteer position. Any volunteer who is uncertain of the application of this Code of Conduct should contact any member of the Board of Directors for further information.