Dog Adoption Contract


Section A: Description of Dog

Please input this information which will be provided by the dog adoption coordinator
This is an internal tracking number for the rescue only.

Section B: Terms and Conditions of Adoption

1)    I agree to treat adopted dog humanely throughout his/her life.

2) I realize that no dog will be adopted for any other purpose than a household pet/companion.

3) I agree that, except for short periods of time, the dog will not be chained outdoors, nor confined to the basement, a garage or yard.

4) Speaking of Dogs Rescue makes no representation or warranties as to the health of the dog.

5) I understand that I may not adopt a dog for anyone other than myself.

6) I understand that no dog will be released to a person under the age of 21 years.

7) I agree that, if I am ever in a position where I can no longer care for or keep the dog, s/he must be returned to Speaking of Dogs Rescue.

8) I agree that under no circumstances will I surrender this dog to a Municipal Pound.

9) I agree to arrange with a veterinarian to provide all necessary health care needs annually.

10) I agree that the dog will receive prompt medical attention whenever in need.

11) I understand that Speaking of Dogs Rescue will not be responsible for the nature, condition or actions of the dog after it leaves our care.

12) I agree to allow a representative of Speaking of Dogs entrance to my home at a reasonable time of day, to examine the dog and the conditions in which the dog is living. In the event of any violation of the above terms and conditions, Speaking of Dogs may take custody of the dog.

13) I understand that the adoption fee will not be refunded.

I have read, understand and agree to all of the above terms and conditions.

Section C: Your Information, Signature and Date

Dog Adoption Fee

Please send an Interac e-transfer of $500 to unless otherwise agreed to with the adoption coordinator.